Lighthouse School, inspiring bright futures

Ofsted Report

Lighthouse School opened on 1 September 2012. It was inspected in March 2014 with a grade of good in all categories. The school was inspected again in November 2017 and the school continues to be good.

The strengths of the school were identified as follows:

  • Your school is clearly putting its motto, “inspiring bright futures”, into practice.
  • Since the previous inspection, leaders have developed a robust assessment process to track pupils’ progress.
  • Leaders have created a positive climate throughout the school so pupils enjoy learning and being creative.
  • Since the last inspection, teaching has improved so that pupils make rapid and sustained progress.
  • Leaders are ambitious and expect the very best in pastoral support and outcomes for pupils.
  • Senior leaders and governors have ensured that all safeguarding arrangements are fit for purpose and that records are detailed and of high quality.
  • Leaders and governors are proud of the school and the improvements made since the last insepction.
  • Staff talk confidently about the four “cornerstones” of the provision being: well-being, speech and language development, the curriculum, and skills and experiences on offer, with long-term destinations being the thread to pull them together.
  • Pupils are well prepared for their next steps because they have clear goals, supported by careers guidance, appropriate accreditation outcomes and a range of experiences to support their personal development.
  • The communication and sensory needs of pupils are properly assessed and, as a result, all staff know how to adapt lessons appropriately.
  • The staff provide a wealth of support to pupils throughout the school day, both in terms of curriculum and well-being.
  • Training for staff is rigorous and bespoke to the needs of the pupils.