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Post 16 Offer

Lighthouse School 6th Form Offer

Here at Lighthouse School, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer a personalised curriculum for our Post 16 students and a functional approach to all aspects of their learning.

The majority of our places are already allocated to existing Lighthouse students, moving from Year 11 to 6th form. There may be a small number of places available to students from other settings.

All our students in 6th form access Maths and English if they have yet to achieve a Level 2 qualification in this subject. They also have the opportunity to access a wide range of subjects from Pre-Entry Level to Level 2.

In addition to this, all our 6th form students have regular Speech and Language sessions as well as Wellbeing, Community and Lifeskills sessions.

A key focus of the school is Destination Learning. Where appropriate, all students have a wide range of opportunities for work experience, from short visits all the way up to extended supported internships with one of our supporting businesses.