Lighthouse School, inspiring bright futures

Ofsted Report

Lighthouse School opened on 1 September 2012. It was inspected in March 2014 with a grade of good in all categories

The strengths of the school were identified as follows:

  • Students make good progress from their individual starting points in both their personal development and in gaining academic skills.
  • Teaching is skilfully matched to students’ individual needs. Careful planning of learning helps students take the small steps needed to develop their communication and social skills.
  • Students’ behaviour is managed well. An in-depth analysis of the behaviour that inhibits students’ learning enables staff to promote improvements, including through the use of frequent rewards.
  • The Principal provides dynamic leadership, ensuring that the ambitious vision for the school, shared by governors, staff and parents, is becoming a reality.
  • The Principal and the governing body draw effectively on professional support to make sure they have a realistic view of the quality and impact of the school’s provision.
  • Based on this, through considerable training and support for staff, leaders have established consistent approaches resulting in good teaching and achievement.