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Inspiring bright futures

Welcome to Lighthouse School

I am proud and privileged to lead such a unique and innovative school which is destination-focused. This is a school where students’ special interests, social and communication skills, abilities, academic and life skills are mapped and further developed so destinations can be identified and targeted for each individual.

We deliver a broad, ambitious and balanced curriculum that enables all our 11-19 students to make excellent progress and gain nationally accredited qualifications in Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5. In addition to academic studies, students access a variety of life skills in social and enrichment activities. These activities focus on the personal development of our students with a focus upon developing communication skills, social relationship skills, independence, employability, and personal emotional wellbeing skills. To enable our students to reach their potential and their next chosen destination, we are versatile in our delivery methods so much so, that every student in school has something personalised on their timetable. As a parent I know how important it is to know that your child is happy in school and that they can develop meaningful friendships and relationships. This is a life skill that is taught and developed in all aspect of school life, but is a particular focus in the Wellbeing and Speech and Language curriculum/sessions. We also take great joy in celebrating those “Wow” moments for our students when the impossible becomes the possible!

A key part of curriculum delivery in ‘building aspirations’ and employability awareness. We believe that the future is limitless and optimism is key to our approach. We do this by exposing our students to a number of different employment sectors and experiences throughout their curriculum.

We also believe every day is a new opportunity and the chance to write a different story and this is fundamental to our compassionate approach to working with our students.

We respect that all our students, parents and staff are unique and all contributions are valued. Student success is at it’s highest when the partnership between these key stakeholders is effective.

The staff body, senior leaders and trustees are devoted to making the difference for our students so they can reach their next steps and a thrive in society. We are neuro-diverse team with a range of disabilities, diversities, strengths and weaknesses, we believe through these role models’ students can create their own pathway to success.

Best wishes

Emma Sullivan

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