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Alumni and Achievements

100% of students who graduate from Lighthouse successfully progress into further education
and training (This compares to an estimated 23% of autistic 16-24 year olds in the wider
population. The school focuses on effectively preparing its students for the next stage of their
academic or vocational journey, equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed for
success beyond the classroom.

Students who leave Lighthouse School access a wide and diverse range of pathways that
highlight the personalised approach to education provided by the school. Often students
choose to pursue further education at local colleges, vocational training, virtual study,
supported internships or higher education institutions, Lighthouse focuses on providing the
skills so all graduates can succeed.

The school focuses on preparing its students for further education and adulthood but also
fostering a strong sense of community and support among its alumni. The annual Alumni
Event is a wonderful initiative that allows both recent graduates and former students to
reconnect with the school, share their achievements, inspire current students and provide a
network of family support and student graduates.

Lighthouse School recognises the individual readiness of its students and enables them to
leave at a stage that suits their needs, abilities and confidence levels. This approach ensures
that each student can progress at their own pace and transition to further education or
training when they are fully prepared to do so.

By offering a range of levels from Pre-Foundation up to Level 3, Lighthouse School is able to
meet the diverse learning needs of its students and provide them with tailored support and
experiences. This flexibility not only helps students achieve academic success but also builds
their confidence and self-esteem as they progress through their education journey.

Lighthouse graduates have progressed to Further Education, Higher Education, Specialist
Colleges, Supported internships and work. Lighthouse students have succeeded in securing
employment with KPMG, John Lewis, HMRC, NHS, Butlins and other key employers.

Below are some case studies from previous students who graduated from our school and
are now achieving great things. We are proud of everyone one of our former students and
the young adults they have grown into.

Case Studies

Student A

Student A joined Lighthouse School in Year 7 with significant gaps in their learning. They weren’t
able to write their own name and had difficulty reading.
Student A initially disengaged from learning (frustrated at their own difficulties), but with targeted
support and bespoke interventions was able to access learning more consistently. Beyond the
curriculum, Student A received weekly wellbeing interventions, additional learning support
interventions, and daily reading (Alpha and Omega) interventions.
Following the additional support, and Student A’s determination, they were able to graduate from
Lighthouse with the following qualifications: GCSE Citizenship – Grade 4, Functional Skills Entry Level

1, Certificate in English – Pass, Functional Skills Entry Level 2, Certificate in Maths - Pass, Entry Level
2 Certificate in Science – Pass, Functional Skills Entry Level 2 Certificate in ICT – Pass, BTEC
Creative Media Production Level 1 Award – Pass, BTEC Digital Media Level 1 Certificate –
Alongside their studies in school, Student A accessed group work experience opportunities which
really helped them develop in confidence and explore their next steps.
Student A now attends a Supported Internship programme with a neighbouring college and charity,
which they are enjoying.
I’m so very proud of A and how Lighthouse School helped him reach these achievements’ Parent of
Student A.

Student T

Student T had had a very negative experience of education prior to joining Lighthouse School. This
included bullying and long periods of absence.
Student T required significant support with their mental health, and was provided with twice weekly
mentoring, as well as external support. This allowed Student T to access learning and make huge
Following their raised ambitions, impartial advice and guidance and careers experiences, Student T
identified a specific college course they wanted as their next step. A bespoke package of learning
was introduced to support them in accessing this course to meet their ambitions.
Student T graduated from Lighthouse with the following qualifications:
GCSE English Literature – Grade 5, GCSE English Language – Grade 3, GCSE Maths – Grade 4, GCSE
Citizenship – Grade 7, BTEC in Digital Media Level 1 Certificate – Distinction, Cambridge Technical
Extended Level 2 Certificate in Science – Pass
There were successful in enrolling onto their chosen Further Education college course and have
settled in brilliantly. They travel to college independently and are described as a model student with
a clear progression pathway in their studies into Higher Education.
We love hearing from Student T - they are such a great role model for their peers!
‘Upon joining this school, I’ve gained many friends for life and gained myself the motivation to be
more ambitious in life and frankly braver in my future endeavours. I simply thank those who worked
closest to me at my time there’. Student T.