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Student Voice


Our vision is to create an environment where autistic children and young people can thrive and where their authentic communication is valued, understood, and accepted. Student Voice is at the centre of everything we do and aligns with our core beliefs. Mutual respect is at the forefront of this, it is essential that students feel their voices are heard as this helps to maintain high levels of self-esteem and wellbeing. We endeavour to ensure that all students experience of school is positive and we take pride in ensuring that no student is left behind.


Student Council

We are devoted to our students, we support them to convey their ideas, thoughts, and feelings. All students have the opportunity to be part of the student council which allows them to influence key decisions in school. The student council have the authority to formally request resources on behalf of all students and liaise with the Parent Teacher Association in order to purchase equipment which is agreed as a priority for the majority of students.


Education, Health & Care Plans (EHCP)

The termly review of progress towards EHCP outcomes ensures that we can intervene quickly if students are not making expected progress, we co-produce recommended changes to provision with students and their families to ensure we are taking the right steps to make a difference and get them back on track as soon as possible.

Students’ views are gathered well in advance of EHCP reviews so staff and families can plan to respond appropriately to any issues that arise. We are ambitious and optimistic for all students, and we encourage them to aim high when preparing them for adulthood.



Our Wellbeing Curriculum us underpinned by the Autism Education Trust (AET) Framework but Wellbeing sessions can focus on issues as they arise for students.  This ensures that students are quickly given the skills to navigate social / personal issues as they encounter them, so their self-esteem and mental health is not detrimentally affected.


Student Survey

We empower students to grow and develop their self-advocacy skills in Speech & Language Therapy sessions and throughout the curriculum to prepare them for life after Lighthouse. All students’ views are sought regularly via a comprehensive survey which is closely aligned to Ofsted’s student survey. Thorough evaluation of these responses allows us to identify trends and assess whether there is more we can do to ensure all students feel heard, happy, and safe in school.