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Art at Lighthouse School

Why is it important to our students’ futures?

Art gives all our students an opportunity to express themselves – no matter their communication level. The ethos of Art at Lighthouse is one of inspiration, inclusivity and engagement, and students are given the tools to explore their imagination – creating a life-long passion for the arts. Students develop a rich understanding of our cultural heritage in art lessons. They also develop the skill to identify, analyse and evaluate the emotions expressed via art, while also debating the key ideas within the art world. Many past students have pursued further education, and careers, in art. Art at Lighthouse is the springboard for that fulfilling pursuit.

What does Art look like in Lighthouse School?

  • We have a semi- spiral curriculum that supports our learners in retaining learning and building on concepts.
  • Within each topic, and with each technique developed, students are given the freedom to develop art projects that are self-directed and aligned to their interests. Students have created incredible work on a range of different areas – from manga, to actors, to trains.
  • We deliver Arts Awards Explore – Gold (equivalent to Entry Level 1 – Level 3), GCSE Art and Design, A Level Art, GCSE Photography, and A Level Photography. Students are put on the qualification pathway that best suits them. Because of the flexible approach there have been students who have been working at Entry Level in English and Maths, but because we have unlocked their artistic talents – they have gone on to achieve an A Level n Art.
  • Students also participate in Craft – which gives the students an opportunity to create items to be sold at market stalls as part of our Future Skills project. Students also design and create items for school events
  • Such is the individualised approach to Art at Lighthouse that we introduced GCSE Photography for a single student.
  • Students produce incredible work that they are truly proud of. For that reason, the art room is the only room in Lighthouse that does not have bare walls, but instead, students’ work is on display. What visitors/enrichment activities take place in the subject?
  • Multiple visiting artists have spoken to our students – including our Art teacher who is also a professional sculptor.
  • Students regularly visit local art galleries.

What have students gone on to achieve in the subject?

Multiple students have achieved A Levels and/or GCSEs in Art. This includes students who may not have been able to achieve a GSCE in any other subject. Three Lighthouse leavers have studied art in Higher Education – including a student who student at Leeds Art University. Students have produced inspiring work that is on display in the art room. If you visit the school, you have to see it!

Art Curriculum

Subject Topic Key Stage Year Level Linked Subject
Art Formal Elements KS3 1 All
Art Op Art/Pop Art KS3 1 All
Art Paul Klee KS3 1 All English
Art Respond to Artists KS3 1 All
Art Cubism KS3 2 All
Art Kandinsky KS3 2 All Maths, Music
Art Aboriginal Art KS3 2 All Geography
Art Hundertwasser KS3 3 All SaLT
Art Portraits KS3 3 All Future Skills
Art Pre-GCSE KS3 3 All
Art Understanding of Source KS45 1 Entry Level History, English
Art Still Life KS45 1 Entry Level
Art Portraits KS45 1 Entry Level
Art Abstract KS45 2 Entry Level
Art Rules of Photography KS45 2 Entry Level
Art Viewpoints KS45 2 Entry Level
Art Student-choice Project KS45 1 GCSE
Art Personal Response KS45 1 GCSE English
Art Chosen Media KS45 1 GCSE
Art Presentation KS45 2 GCSE English
Art Development of Portfolio KS45 2 GCSE
Art External Portfolio KS45 2 GCSE
Art Student-choice Project KS5 1 A Levels
Art Personal Response KS5 1 A Levels English
Art Chosen Media KS5 1 A Levels
Art Presentation KS5 2 A Levels English
Art Development of Portfolio KS5 2 A Levels
Art External Portfolio KS5 2 A Levels