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Creative Media

Why is it important to our students’ futures?

Creative Media introduces the students to the theoretical and practical aspects of making different types of media using industry standard software. Students experience using different equipment to make videos and animations, learn about the different techniques they can employ (e.g. shot types, camera exposure levels), and begin to develop their knowledge around editing software. The BTEC course gives Lighthouse students access to an extremely creative vocational subject and an industry that is continually growing and developing in today’s world.

What does Creative Media look like in Lighthouse School?

Creative Media is a two-year BTEC course that students can choose as an option in Key Stage 4 and 5. It consists of 3 creative units: Animation, Filmmaking and Editing (including visual effect compositing), and 2 core units: Being Organised and Developing a Personal Progression Plan. During the creative units, students will have access to professional, industry standard equipment and software, learning how to use them creatively and effectively. During the core units, students will learn how to develop their personal and independence skills, such as time management and organisation.

What have students gone on to achieve in the subject?

Every student who has chosen to do the BTEC Level One course has completed the course with a Pass, Merit or Distinction Student Creative Media projects feature in multiple school events – including the ‘End of Year Talent Show’. Multiple students have gone on to study games design, filmmaking or other creative digital media courses at college, building on the skills and knowledge they have developed at Lighthouse School.

Creative Media Curriculum:

Subject Topic Key Stage Year Level Linked Subject
Creative Media Being organised - to develop key techniques to help organise their work KS45 1 L1
Creative Media Creating an animation - to develop the skills needed for animation KS45 1 L1 Computing
Creative Media Hitfilm - to introduce students to industry standard editing software KS45 1 L1 Computing
Creative Media Developing a personal progression plan - to develop the skills and behaviours needed to progress to the next stage KS45 2 L1
Creative Media Shooting a short film - to develop the skills needed to plan a film shoot and capture footage KS45 2 L1
Creative Media Editing a short film - to develop technical skills in editing, exporting and sharing a digital media product KS45 2 L1