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Lighthouse School Members


Katie Parlett MBE – Chair

Katie has strong expertise related to project management and leadership, stemming from her background as an entrepreneur, founding, developing, and selling several businesses in the Digital and technology sector. She is the founder and Director of Answer Digital, a £15m digital technology business.

Katie adopted 2 children with SEND which led her to become one of the core founders of Lighthouse School. She then went on to create and run Lighthouse Futures Trust, a 16 to 25 employability college gaining some of the highest outcomes in the country into paid employment. Both the School and College have stemmed from her belief that families and young people deserve to access a high-quality provision that brings out the best in every young person. As a strong believer in fairness and equity, Katie understands the need to enable children and young people to have a personalised journey that develops their mental resilience, self-esteem, talents, and abilities, therefore successfully preparing them for adulthood.

Katie was both a governor and chair of governors at a local primary school, whilst being the acting Principal at the Lighthouse School for one year. She was instrumental to the building of the school, and ensuring children have access to the most suitable learning environments, despite financial constraints.

Rada Grkinic

Rada is the Mum of 2 sons, one of whom is autistic. Rada became involved in the founding group starting Lighthouse School as she recognised the need for a different style of education that focused on the needs of the autistic learner as this was not being met in either mainstream schools or specialist provision. She has a passion for building an educational establishment that young people can thrive in, grow in confidence, and build meaningful skills for life. Rada has previously had a career in hospitality and is now an Office Administrator and founder of Lighthouse Futures Trust, a Specialist Post 16 Institution which focuses on employability and employment outcomes for learners with SEND. Rada is a member of Lighthouse School Leeds.

Kate Webber

Kate (Katherine) is the Mum of 2 sons, one of whom is autistic. She was one of the founding parents of Lighthouse School and is driven to help create a better world for people with disabilities. Kate is an NHS Speech and Language Therapist working in the field of learning disabilities and is one of the Members of Lighthouse School Leeds.

Angela Owen

Angela is the Mum to a daughter and a son, one of whom is autistic. Angela has a passion for ensuring all young people are able to reach their full potential and have a meaningful place in society where everyone is valued equally. Angela has previously worked for the NHS and became one of the founders of Lighthouse School as she was keen to see change happen for many across our community and shared the vision of a high quality education that focused on autistic learners. Angela is a Member of Lighthouse School Leeds.