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The Curriculum and Qualifications

We have developed a unique, extensive, and ambitious curriculum to support our students in having a bright future. As our students change, so does our curriculum, but there are three core values that underpin it at all times:

  • Ambition – our curriculum is ambitious in both breadth (number of timetabled subjects) and depth (range of academic level provided). We offer all the subjects one would expect in a large mainstream school, as well as subjects that are specifically delivered to support the needs of our students (e.g. SaLT, Wellbeing, Future Skills, Community Skills, Life Skills). The vast majority of subjects are taught at a level spanning KS1 – KS4. This ensures the curriculum is suitably pitched and challenging for all ability levels within the school. More details on the qualifications offered are below.

  • Versatility – we believe in building a curriculum around our students, not the other way round. We are constantly exploring opportunities to expand our curriculum offer to suit the individual needs of students. This includes a partnership we have established with neighbouring provisions allowing students to access – with staff support – courses not yet available in Lighthouse School. Each student will have something unique in their timetable.

  • Innovation – every subject’s curriculum has been created to specifically suit the needs of our students – we do not provide ‘off-the-shelf’ learning. The school timetable is structured creatively to allow students a wide, enriching curriculum that reflects their needs. Additional timetabled sessions - SaLT, Wellbeing, Future Skills, Community Skills, Life Skills – have been designed specifically for Lighthouse students.

Please click on each subject/timetabled intervention for more details about their curriculum and provision:

Subject/Timetabled Interventions Key Stages Qualifications Offered
English KS3 - KS4 English Literature GCSE 9-1, English Language GCSE 9-1, Functional Skills Level 1, Entry Level 1-3
Maths KS3 - KS4 GCSE 9-1, Functional Skills, Entry Level 1-3
Science KS3 - KS5 Cambridge Technical Level 3, Cambridge Technical Level 2, Entry Level
Art KS3 - KS5 A-Level, GCSE 9-1, Arts Award (Discover-Gold)
Citizenship KS3^ - KS4 GCSE 9 - 1
Community Skills KS3 - KS5 N/a
Computing KS3 - KS4 GCSE 9 - 1, Entry Level
Creative Media KS3 - KS5^^ BTEC Level 1
Drama KS3 - KS5 BTEC Level 1, Arts Award Bronze
EHCP Interventions KS3 - KS5 N/A
Engineering KS4/5^^^ Crest Awards, Cambridge Nationals Level 1-2
Food Technology KS3 - KS5 GCSE, BTEC Level 1
Skills & Experience KS3 - KS5 ASDAN Employability
Horticulture KS3 - KS5 BTEC Level 1, ASDAN
Geography, History and RE KS3 N/A
Music KS3 - KS5 Arts Award (Discover-Gold)
PE KS3 - KS5 BTEC Level 1, ASDAN
Wellbeing KS3 - KS5 N/A

*At Lighthouse we deliver the secondary curriculum. Where a student has gaps in learning or is not currently working at a secondary level, we will modify the secondary curriculum so it is pitched at an appropriate level for the student.

^- integrated into RSHE in KS3

^^- available as an Option subject in KS4 and KS5

^^^- integrated into Science in KS3

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