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School’s aim is to ensure that our Uniform Policy provides a reasonable and sustainable approach to
uniforms, as well as providing a shared identity and a common sense of purpose.

School’s uniform policy can found here: Uniform Policy

At Lighthouse School, we believe that a school uniform is both helpful and important as:
• It reflects the school’s ethos and values,
• It fosters a feeling of pride
• It looks smart and presentable
• It promotes a sense of belonging and contributes to a community
• Students feel equal to their peers in terms of appearance
• It serves as a visual and physical prompt which helps some of our students to differentiate between
school days, weekends, and holidays.
• It is designed with health and safety in mind.

We ask that all students wear the Lighthouse uniform and encourage them to maintain a good standard of
clean and tidy dress in school.

Uniforms must be worn in, to and from school.

The school uniform: (Years 7 to 11)


Branded / Generic

School tie (see image above)


Black sweatshirt, preferably with the Lighthouse school logo (see

image above) or school blazer


White cotton shirt/blouse or white polo shirt


Black school trousers / black skirt / black shorts


Black school shoes or ankle length boots. These should be flat and plain.



The school PE kit: (Years 7 to 11)


Branded / Unbranded

Black polo shirt, preferably with the Lighthouse logo (see image above)


Black shorts


Black sports socks


Black tracksuit or jogging bottoms


Training Shoes


We appreciate your support in ensuring that your child comes to school looking smart and wearing the uniform correctly.

Sensory aversions

We understand that some of our students have sensory aversions or preferences to certain fabrics and this can impact them on a day-to-day basis. At Lighthouse, we endeavour to support those students to explore adaptations to the uniform that still follow guidelines where possible, to help them feel safe and secure in school. We welcome discussions with students, parents and carers around this matter where needed.

Please contact your child’s Key worker or Key Stage Co-ordinator to discuss any uniform sensory aversions.

Uniform stockists

Uniform items are available to order from The School Uniform Shop (18-20 Green Road, Leeds, LS6 4JP, Telephone: 0113 2306272). Online shop- It is not compulsory to purchase the uniform from The School Uniform Shop as the generic unbranded clothing required for uniform such as skirts, trousers and shirts can be purchased from various outlets, such as supermarkets. Plain sweatshirts can be worn without the school logo.

Second hand uniform

We also appreciate that children grow quickly, and that for some families, the cost of uniforms can be a challenge. We also want to provide a more sustainable approach to preloved clothing by providing a uniform exchange and have a small stock of spare uniforms in school available to all through the school office. Lighthouse school encourages families who are experiencing financial difficulty in purchasing new school uniform to contact the Leeds school uniform exchange online

Sixth Form Uniform (Year 12+)

Students in Years 12 and above are not required to wear school uniform on the list above and can wear their own casual clothing.

Our sixth form dress code focusses on being clean, presentable, and ready for work. This ensures that students are dressed appropriately and comfortably to access work and further education activities during the school day. It also reflects the more mature role that our sixth form students play within the school.

We support our students to develop their independence in a wide range of work experience placements. When our students are on placement, we support them to understand the need to adhere to workplace standards, which includes wearing appropriate clothing.

Please speak to the school office on (0113) 4570605 if you are unsure what your child will need to wear on a workbased placement