Lighthouse School

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Our Values

Our Values and Philosophy

Inspiring Bright Futures

We are a completely unique school. In fact, we were the first of our kind in the country.

So, if we’re unique, we want to ensure every student at Lighthouse School is seen as just that too. Unique.

We take pride in offering individualised learning for every single student - personalised, bespoke, and flexible.

We have high expectations of our staff, our students, and all our stakeholders. Yet in return, we hope to encourage a reciprocal and energising partnership.

Through a challenging but engaging developmental journey made together, we hope that Lighthouse School is always thought of as loved and loving, aspiring and aspirational.

By holding the highest of ambitions for our children (even if they cannot see it for themselves), we shine a light on their potential to lead the brightest of futures.

Our Vision

Lighthouse School is a pioneering, dynamic, and progressive school. We strive for unequivocal excellence in everything we do, and as such, our aim is to be recognised as a sector leader at a national level for students who have a diagnosis of autism. Our vision is to deliver transformative experiences - that are destination led – for all of our students and their families.

Our Mission

We are committed to inspiring and enabling our students, delivering meaningful skills for life in a holistic, nurturing, and stimulating learning environment. This is achieved through exceptional teaching, unwavering support, outstanding work experience, and positive interactions and role models. We repeatedly instil good behaviours in order to encourage resilience, independence, confidence, and wellbeing in all of our students.

Our Core Beliefs


Taking risks, having adventures, and aspiring to achieve great things.


Exemplifying individualised and adaptive teaching and learning.


Showing empathy and understanding of others’ needs.


Striving for creative solutions, challenging perceptions, and inspiring positive change.


Taking joy from developing and succeeding together.


Being dedicated to our people, our jobs, and our school community.


Realising our limitless destinations, now and in the future.


Embracing uniqueness, equality, and ensuring all contributions are valued.