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Geography, History and RE

Humanities at Lighthouse - Geography, History and RE

Why is it important to our students’ futures?

Humanities encompasses Geography, History and RE. Through the study of these, students develop a rich understanding of the world – past and present – and becoming positive global citizens. They build an understanding of theirs and other cultures – building tolerance, mutual respect, and understanding across different cultures and communities. Students develop a clearer sense of self through studying Humanities. It is in these lessons that students are taught to ask perceptive questions about changes in society, the reasons for conflict and the consequences of decisions. A key skill developed in Humanities is verifying a source. This is of particular importance to our students who are more susceptible to fake news. Students also develop the skills of debating in Humanities. This includes developing and structuring arguments and responding to opposing viewpoints. Again, this is a fundamental life skill our students need to develop to be successful in the modern world.

What does Humanities look like in Lighthouse School?

  • We have a spiral curriculum that supports our learners in retaining learning and building on concepts.
  • For the majority of students Geography, History, and RE are taught as discrete subjects.
  • Currently, Humanities is taught at KS3 only, but where a student has expressed an interest in studying a Humanities subject in KS4 or KS5, we have partnered with a neighbouring secondary school and the students have accessed the course there.
  • Humanities works closely with the English department so that all of the historical contexts for the texts taught in GCSE English Literature are pre-taught in KS3. For example, students study Animal Farm in GCSE English Literature and Communist Russia is a topic in KS3 History.

What visitors/enrichment activities take place in the subject?

  • There have been multiple religious speakers from community faith groups and visits to local places of worship.
  • Students have visited a wide-range of local ecological sites to embed their learning in Geography. What have students gone on to achieve in the subject? Students have practically engaged with Humanities. This includes creating meals out of the food available to Victorians, making models of volcanoes, and student-projects on a wide range of faiths.

Geography Curriculum:

Subject Topic Key Stage Year Level Linked Subject
Geography Trade and Economics KS3 1 All Future Skills
Geography Settlements KS3 1 All
Geography Challenging Environments (Amazon Rainforest/Arctic) KS3 1 All Science
Geography Physical, Human, Map work KS3 2 All Maths
Geography Weather KS3 2 All Science
Geography Environment - Climate Change KS3 2 All Science
Geography Tectonic Plates, Volcanoes, and Earthquakes KS3 3 All Science
Geography Transport KS3 3 All Community
Geography Tourism KS3 3 All

History Curriculum:

Subject Topic Key Stage Year Level Linked Subject
History Abolition of Slavery, Immigration KS3 1 All RSHE, Citizenship
History Stalin, Communism, and the Russian Revolution KS3 1 All English
History WWII KS3 1 All English, Citizenship
History Tudors - A World of Discovery (Inventions and Scientific Advancements) KS3 2 All English
History Tudors - Education, Society, and Crime KS3 2 All English
History Tudor Catastrophes - Plague, Great Fire, Gunpoder Plot KS3 2 All English
History The Age of Invention KS3 3 All English
History Class System KS3 3 All Citizenship
History Society and Women KS3 3 All RSHE, Citizenship, English

RE Curriculum:

Subject Topic Key Stage Year Level Linked Subject
RE Justice and Freedom - Racism and Equality KS3 1 All RSHE, Citizenship
RE Story of Moses - Parallels to Jesus for Christmas KS3 1 All
RE Rites of Passage - Birth, Coming of Age, Marriage KS3 1 All RSHE
RE Religions and Festivals KS3 1 All
RE Peace and Conflict KS3 1 All English, Citizenship
RE Eternity  - Religious and Non-Religious KS3 1 All
RE Belief - Is There A God? KS3 2 All
RE Inspirational People - Was Jesus the Messiah? KS3 2 All
RE Inspirational People KS3 2 All
RE Alternative and Non-Religious World Views - Easter/Eostre KS3 2 All
RE Creation v Science KS3 2 All Science, English
RE Environmental Issues KS3 2 All Science
RE The Problem of Evil KS3 3 All English
RE Dreams and Superstitions - Dreams in Christmas Story KS3 3 All
RE Wealth and Poverty KS3 3 All Citizenship
RE Humanism KS3 3 All
RE Crime and Punishment KS3 3 All RSHE, Citizenship
RE Animal Ethics KS3 3 All