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Pupil Premium and Recovery Premium

At Lighthouse School, we are dedicated to providing all our students with the support they
need to thrive. We recognize that some students face additional challenges and obstacles,
and we are committed to closing the attainment gap for disadvantaged students.

Approximately 22.7% of our students qualify for and receive the Pupil Premium (PP), and
we take a comprehensive approach to supporting their individual needs. We are proud
that we have closed our historic PP attainment gap, and this has been sustained for more
than two years.

While PP serves as an important indicator of potential disadvantage, we believe in a more
holistic approach. We take a nuanced view, considering a range of factors beyond PP
eligibility to identify barriers and provide targeted support. This may include factors such
as access to community resources, extra-curricular activities, revision support, and even
personal hygiene products. By understanding the unique challenges each student faces,
we can tailor our interventions effectively and ensure all students have the tools they need
to reach their full potential.

Our approach to PP is firmly rooted in research-based practices, with a strong emphasis
on quality teaching as the foundation for success. We believe that high-quality,
differentiated instruction that caters to diverse learning needs is the cornerstone of closing
the attainment gap. We then build upon this foundation by offering a range of additional
support services, ensuring that each student receives the individualised attention they
need to flourish academically, socially, and personally.

To find out details, please see our latest PP report below:

Pupil Premium Report