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Positive Feedback

Positive feedback received from students, parents and external professionals about Lighthouse school:

Student feedback:

‘Lighthouse as a school is a great place to support those who wish to take their next steps. The staff are extremely friendly and supportive. Here I have been able to develop and grow as a person and find my next steps. Most importantly here I have been able to find a group of people who I can come and speak to when in need, spared from the difficulties found within a mainstream secondary school.’

‘I feel included by the teachers in lessons.’

‘Upon joining this school, I’ve gained many friends for life and gained myself the motivation to be more ambitious in life and frankly braver in my future endeavours. I simply thank those who worked closest to me at my time there’.

‘Everyone gets along with each other’.

‘It’s a fair learning environment – lessons that actually help us in the future’.

Parent feedback:

”I’m really pleased with the way my child has settled in at Lighthouse, which is testament to the staff there.’

‘Lighthouse has changed our lives as a family.’

‘I’m so very proud of my child and how Lighthouse School helped him reach these achievements.’

‘Our child has grown in confidence since starting at Lighthouse and loves coming to school. The school not only supports our child but us as a family.’.

‘We feel like we have finally found a school that understands our child and their needs. The difference in our child since starting in September is unbelievable. Our child’s confidence and enjoyment for school have greatly improved, and it is all thanks to Lighthouse and its staff. We are really excited to see what our child can achieve in the next school year’.

‘Lighthouse is an amazing school. The school have done wonders with my child. Definitely a school to be recommended’.

‘This is our child’s first term and I so pleased with the support they are receiving from staff and the communication with us from staff which is making a huge difference to us all. Staff always do what they say they are going to, and this is enabling our child to build trust with staff and feel listened to Thank you!’*

‘Finding a school where our child is happy is incredible for us. It is amazing to see our child learning at speed and getting the help they need. We are so happy with Lighthouse’.

‘All staff have been amazing with supporting my child and myself whilst my child has attended Lighthouse. My child is now ready for their next steps thanks to Lighthouse’.

Professional feedback:

‘I have observed some really positive input from Lighthouse school in supporting a student back to school following the pandemic. A student presented several challenges in addition to his anxiety and ritualised behaviour. I observed an exceptional caring attitude towards this student that demonstrated a real desire to improve things and create opportunities for him. Through discussion, I was able to see that staff had the skills to not only work with other agencies and recognise and develop advice and recommendations given to them but to also generate outside of the box ideas and learn and develop through experience and reflection. From my perspective this had made a very positive difference and has influenced his levels of anxiety, ritualised behaviour and increased his enjoyment and engagement with school.’